Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hamsters tackle energy crisis :)

IN A Feedback item on scam conference invitations last year (18 August 2012), marine biologist Phil Clapham told us he got so tired of receiving these that in response he started submitting ridiculous paper titles under his dog's name, Cleo V Borzoi. Now he tells us about his dog's "latest triumph".

Last month, Phil received an email inviting him "to be a Speaker at Forum 4: Ocean Energy, at the 3rd New Energy Forum, which is one of the most crucial parallel meetings of EAFE-2013, during September 26-28, 2013, at Xi'an Qujiang International Conference Center, China."

Sensing another scam, he replied: "Re: Entitled to be Speaker at New Energy Forum-2013 (September 26-28, China), I would like to submit the following paper:

'Borzoi, Cleo V. Harnessing angular kinetic energy from colossal cloned Rodenta: re-envisioning the hamster wheel model in green energy management.'

Please let me know if this is appropriate



He got an e-mail back saying they thought the "research is very interesting and novel."
He got a following e-mail asking for payment of a $1299 "Registration Fee".

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