Tuesday, November 22, 2011

People Power!

A great song from 350.org http://radiowave.350.org/share-the-song/

Radio Wave English by 350RadioWaves

Song Lyrics

People Power!

The artists sang in their native languages, using words and expressions unique to their cultures as well as their own personal worldviews. Please note that the original meaning of their lyrics might be lost a bit in translation.

Angelique Kidjo
(Benin, language – Fon)

Let’s get together
Let’s all get involved
In changing the world

Talib Kweli
(United States, language – English)

Everybody wanna be a gangster
Wavin their flag for the set they claim
democrat, republican, crip or blood you can switch it up, really it’s all the same
Just corrupted agendas, public offenders, they ain’t come to defend us
Government is against us, workin’ for corporate interests, we’ve been hoodwinked.
They walkin’ all over you with carbon footprints

But look man we gotta find common ground, a common theme on which we gotta agree
We need the sea, we need the trees, we need the air, we got to breathe
fossil fuels got us livin like dinosaurs, eatin up the resources like carnivores
What we need is a new energy solution for mother nature is not the enemy

Turn it around
Drilling for energy, like you cannot see the Sun
Iphendule [isiZulu for ‘turn it around’]
This earth belongs to everyone
Turn it around
Mining for energy, like you’ve never felt the wind
Iphendule [isiZulu for ‘turn it around’]
Time to change so we can live


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