Wednesday, August 16, 2006

mercury in light bulbs

One of my kitchen light bulbs went out the other day, the main one, over the sink. When I went to buy a new one, I wanted to be environmentally friendly, so I started to get one of the compact flourescent spiral bulbs that fit in a regular light socket. I was reading the back label before I bought it, and what did I see. It contained mercury, and when it was worn out, needed to be disposed of properly. Now, how is that to be done? And how many consumers will even read the label, or worry about how to dispose of it if they do. It's safe to say very few. They've stopped making mercury thermometers, because it's such a dangerous substance. So now they are putting it in light bulbs that are marketed as being environmentally friendly. I bought a different type of light bulb which is supposedly more energy efficient than normal ones, but didn't have a warning label. Since both were made by the same company, hopefully that means the one I bought is indeed less dangerous.

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