Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hunger Walk song

I started writing this song when I was walking in an Atlanta Hunger Walk. It just started coming into my mind, and turned out to be to the tune of the Thanksgiving song "Come, Ye Thankful People Come". I thought it was neat that this song about the hungry is to a tune of thanksgiving for those who have enough.
I give permission for it to be used on behalf of non-sectarian community food banks. If you print the words, please include the copyright information.
I have inserted a "~" to indicate a syllable that is slurred over more than one note. I have included alternative wording so it can be used at events other than walks.

Hunger Walk
copyright 1994 Patricia M. Shannon
Join us on the Hunger Walk/Drive,
share the love and joy we feel,
as we walk/work together for
those who are in present need.
We can make a difference,
when we work toge~ther;
as you help us reach our goal,
you will also feed your soul.
Let's give thanks to all our friends,
who give of their time and pay,
in the groups that work so hard
to make sure no one does starve.
We can never know just when
we will need a helping hand,
our support will help ensure,
community food banks will endure.
Many children in our land
often suffer hunger pains;
it can stunt the healthy growth
of their body and their brains.
Children are the fu~ture;
they need more than just a song;
when we help to nourish them,
we help to keep our country strong.

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