Monday, August 21, 2006

administration cuts anti-terrorist research

While the British terror suspects allegedly were hatching their plot, the Bush administration was quietly seeking permission to divert $6 million that was supposed to be spent this year developing new homeland explosives-detection technology.

The administration's most recent budget request also mystified lawmakers. It asked to take $6 million from Homeland S&T's 2006 budget that was supposed to be used to develop explosives detection technology and instead divert it to cover a budget shortfall in the Federal Protective Service, which provides security around government buildings.

While the Republicans are trying, as usual, to paint themselves as strong on defense, the Bush administration cuts back on research on anti-terror technologies. With friends like these, who needs enemies? Of course, Bush doesn't ride in commercial airplanes, and does live and work in government buildings, so maybe his priorities are not surprising.

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