Sunday, November 06, 2016

Sources feeding FBI rumors to Fox News and Trump campaign are spreading bad fiction

It safe to say many people who are attracted to a job with the FBI are the kind of people who would support a macho jerk like Trump.

By Mark Sumner
Friday Nov 04, 2016


The FBI has never been the politics-free justice engine of Republican fantasies, but over the last two weeks, the department has lurched through a series of Trump-tinted disasters that started with Director Comey’s vaguely worded election-damaging letter and proceeded to “leaks” so bad even Fox News had to walk them back.


In some ways, the attempt of a group inside the FBI to swing the election may be the closest thing to a coup attempt the US has experienced—a faction inside the government using its power and assumed knowledge in an attempt to spread election-altering propaganda.


The incredible, bombshell leaks dripping from the FBI onto Fox’s Bret Baier included claims that Clinton’s email accounts had been hacked five times. Except ...

… as of today there are still no digital fingerprints of a breach no matter what the working assumption is within the bureau.


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