Tuesday, November 22, 2016

'Nice' women earn less than their more assertive counterparts


Public Release: 21-Nov-2016
'Nice' women earn less than their more assertive counterparts
New Tel Aviv University study confirms that nice women finish last
American Friends of Tel Aviv University

A new study finds that the nicer, or more agreeable, a woman is at work, the lower her salary is likely to be. The new research, published in The European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, examines status inconsistencies between men and women through the lens of traditional male and female characteristics.

Dominant, assertive women, who clearly express their expectations and do not retreat from their demands, are compensated better than their more accommodating female peers. According to the researchers, the same goes for dominant men versus their more conciliatory male counterparts -- but even dominant women earn far less than all of their male colleagues, dominant or otherwise.


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