Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Current Judicial Vacancies

Lifetime positions, many vacant since 2015 or earlier, one since Dec. 2005. The Republican Congress has been blocking President Obama's nominations. Can't tell from recent nominations when President Obama made an earlier nomination, and he or the nominee gave up, so the current nominee was only nominated recently.

Now that we will have a Republican president, they want Democrats to be cooperative in a way they have refused to be, which I'm sure includes allowing him to fill these lifetime positions.

This list can be sorted by each column, including vacancy date.

I never hear NPR mentioning how the Republicans have been blocking President Obama's nominations since the very beginning of his administration.

See the link for details on each vacancy.

Vacancies in the Federal Judiciary

114th Congress
Last updated on11/09/2016
Total Vacancies:103
Total Nominees Pending:59

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