Saturday, August 20, 2016

People Who Go To Concerts Lead Happier Lives, According To Science

Aug. 15, 2016


Researchers in Australia found that people who habitually attend musical engagements are reported to have higher levels of subjective well-being. Deakin University scholars Melissa Weinberg and Dawn Joseph reported that Australians who participate in communal musical experiences -- whether it's at a live concert or a communal dance gathering -- have elevated levels of overall satisfaction in life. Ultimately, the common thread is to engage with music in the company of others.


The researchers report that “total well-being scores were significantly higher for people who reported that they danced or attended musical events,” compared to people who did not. The people who attended music events also reported higher levels of satisfaction with their standards of living. Similar conclusions were reported for those who danced with other people, scoring significantly higher in overall satisfaction levels than those who did not. Ultimately, people who habitually attend music events and/or dance with other people scored increased levels of well-being and satisfaction in life.

The correlation between live music engagements and dancing is clear; their relationship intrinsically binds together the freedom of art, expression, and self-satisfaction; and thus, increased happiness. Beyond the scientific reasons, that live music universally lowers stress levels, increases social bonds while decreasing levels of pain, and can even physiologically cause people to get "skin-gasms", live music events naturally bring people together who are happy. This is most likely why the ritualistic practice has lasted so long. Happiness is contagious, and live music events are the center point for all these reasons.

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