Monday, August 29, 2016

Your best diet might depend on your genetics

I don't post articles about health research on animals very often, but this one is surely applicable to humans.
Eg., whether or not milk is a good part of an adult's diet depends on whether their ancestors come from countries that have drunk milk for generations.

Public Release: 13-Jul-2016
Your best diet might depend on your genetics
Mouse study shows the need for an individualized approach to nutrition
Genetics Society of America

If you've ever seen a friend have good results from a diet but then not been able to match those results yourself, you may not be surprised by new findings in mice that show that diet response is highly individualized.

"There is an overgeneralization of health benefits or risks tied to certain diets," said William Barrington, Ph.D., a researcher from North Carolina State University who conducted this work in the laboratory of David Threadgill, Ph.D., at Texas A&M University. "Our study showed that the impact of the diet is likely dependent on the genetic composition of the individual eating the diet, meaning that different individuals have different optimal diets."


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