Monday, August 09, 2021

Fires rage around the world

The latest IPCC report was compiled before the recent spate of severe floods and wildfires, and is scary enough.


National Interagency Fire Center

August 9, 2021

Wildfire activity continues in 15 states across the country. Currently, 108 large fires or complexes have burned 2,325,263 acres. More than 25,200 wildland firefighters and 33 Type 1 and Type 2 incident management teams are assigned to incidents. So far this year, 39,402 wildfires have burned 3,623,259 acres.

The fire outlook continues to reflect warmer and drier conditions leading to the high potential for severe wildfire activity throughout the western United States through the rest of summer and into the fall. Widespread high temperatures observed across areas in the West and with periods of lightning activity continue to exacerbate the wildfire situation.


Sun 8 Aug 2021 23.45 EDT

Wildfires are raging across Europe and North America as scorching temperatures and dry conditions fuel the blazes that have cost lives and destroyed livelihoods.

The combination of extreme heat and prolonged drought have in many regions led to the worst fires in almost a decade, and come as the IPCC is poised to hand down a landmark report on the climate crisis.

Scientists warn rising global temps due to greenhouse gas emissions are increasing the risk of fire conditions across the planet.

Parts of Europe are enduring severe heatwaves, while hot, bone-dry gusty weather has caused devastating wildfires in California. The US state is fighting to contain its largest blaze in its history. More than 100 other large fires are raging in other parts of America.

Here are some of the countries currently battling severe fires:

Greece has been fighting some of the worst blazes in Europe amid blistering temperatures. Fires have raged across the country for nearly two weeks, leaving dozens needing hospital treatment.



Blazes have swept through swaths of the southern coast for the past 10 days, killing at least eight people.

Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes, and fire has devastated vast tracts of pine forest and agricultural land. Rain brought some respite over the weekend.



Fires continue threaten parts of southern Italy, with Sicily and Sardinia among the regions hardest hit.



Authorities in Siberia moved to evacuate several villages in the vast region on Sunday, where 155 blazes are burning. The hot weather, coupled with the neglect of fire safety rules, has caused a growing number of infernos, which have destroyed scores of homes and buildings.


United States

In the US, firefighters in northern California are battling the largest single wildfire in state history.

The Dixie Fire, named for the road where it started nearly four weeks ago, has grown to an area of 725 square miles (1,875 square kilometres). Just 21% of the blaze is contained, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. It has scorched an area more than twice the size of New York City.



Fires continue to burn across British Colombia despite some rains over the weekend. Local media reported 279 wildfires raging in the province on Sunday, with tens of thousands of residents subject to evacuation alerts.

British Columbia has seen nearly 5,800 sq km of its forest burned since the spring, with months still left in the fire season.

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