Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Women denied abortions are more likely to suffer poor health and stay in abusive relationships, says the researcher behind a landmark 10-year study on 'turnaways'

I've met several women who had abortions because they pregnancy was killing them. Eg, hemorrhaging from a burst Fallopian tube from a tubal pregnancy.

Birth control needs to be available to all, regardless of ability to pay.

There have been several cases of an embryo being carried to term and delivered by Caesarean after implanting the abdominal wall. So with hormone treatment, it should be possible for a man to carry the fetus to term. I have never met a man who would be willing to do so.



Shira Feder
,INSIDER•June 22, 2020


Foster wants people to know that abortion is incredibly common, to the point where one in four women in the United States will have an abortion over their lifetime. She wants people to know that a large proportion of the women who get abortions do not regret it, while the ripple effect of being denied an abortion lasts a lifetime.

Women denied abortions will likely have health issues that might last for years post-pregnancy, says Foster. They have four times greater odds of living below the poverty level and three times greater odds of being unemployed.

They are likely to stay with abusive partners, have anxiety and eroded self-esteem, and not have aspirational life plans for the coming year. They will likely reduce the scale of what they want to accomplish in life.

Women denied abortions are also more likely to experience serious end-of-pregnancy complications. Two women in the study died from childbirth-related causes.


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