Saturday, November 02, 2019

One in 5 children live below the poverty line

Mack DeGeurin
,INSIDER•November 1, 2019

One in five American children live below the poverty line, and over 2.9 million students live in households where they are unsure when they might get their next meal.

Around 30 million students around the country qualify for free or reduced cost school lunches through a federal program called the National School Lunch Program.

A New York Times report released in July shows how a new rule being proposed by the Department of Agriculture to restrict access to food stamps (one qualifier for free school lunches) could kick more than 500,000 students off their lunch plan.

States with the most students eligible for federally subsidized free lunches also tend to have the most cases of child poverty, INSIDER found.

INSIDER reviewed federal data to find out how dependent on free lunches students were in every US state, and the top 10 most dependent were all based in the South.


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