Monday, November 25, 2019

A baby was born 'pregnant' with her own sibling and needed an emergency C-section to remove it

Julia Naftulin
,INSIDER•November 25, 2019

A baby girl named Itzmara was born through a cesarean delivery. A day later, doctors performed a C-section on her too, because she had absorbed her twin in the womb.

They diagnosed Itzmara with fetus-in-fetu, a rare condition where a malformed fetus is found in the body of its twin.

According to the National Institutes of Health, fetus-in-fetu is very rare, with only one case occurring in about every 500,000 births.

In some cases, health problems related to the condition take years to develop and aren't treated right after birth.


So after delivering Itzmara via C-section, the doctors performed a C-section on her too to remove the mass, which had no heart or brain. Itzmara was in good health following the surgery, Mamás Latinas reported.


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