Sunday, May 29, 2016

Floods in Texas, Kansas, Europe

At Least 6 Dead, 2 Missing After Floods in Texas, Kansas

By Michael Graczyk, associated press
HOUSTON — May 29, 2016, 5:46 PM ET

Authorities in central Texas found two more bodies along flooded streams Sunday, bringing the death toll from flooding the state to six.

It's unclear whether a body found in Travis County near Austin is one of the two people still missing in Texas. An 11-year-old boy is still missing in central Kansas, too


Torrential rains caused heavy flash flooding in some parts of the U.S. over the last few days


Thousands flee their homes as floods hit Germany

May 29, 2016

Record floods engulfed the historic eastern German city of Dresden today, swamping its Baroque architecture and driving thousands from their homes.

A tide of debris-laden brown water also submerged other towns on the River Elbe, forcing the evacuation of tens of thousands while volunteers battled to save the centre of Dresden, the capital of Saxony, 120 miles south of Berlin.

Floods have killed at least 89 people in Germany, Russia, Austria and the Czech Republic over the last week, after torrential rains sent a huge surge of water through river systems. At least 10 died in Saxony.

In Germany, the surging waters continued to rise.

Officials feared more of the architectural gems of Dresden would be submerged.

The Elbe rose from a normal summer level of about two metres to 9.16 metres, well surpassing the 8.77 metre record of 1845.

The last four bridges open in Dresden were closed.

"The flood waters are still rising and at the moment it's impossible to say exactly how far it will go," said Dresden Mayor Ingolf Rossberg. He said experts were predicting the Elbe would peak at about 9.6 metres early on Saturday.


There have been floods in many parts of the world recently.

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