Friday, February 19, 2016

Thoughts on Harper Lee and heroism

Just heard an interview with someone opining that "Go Wet a Watchman" was released only for money, under the influence of nefarious people, after her sister died. It would be nice if she left an explanation. Another possibility is that she felt it was more in touch with the reality of humans, who have both good and bad sides and are influenced so much by our culture, and knew how controversial it would be, that she held off publishing it, but decided to do so before she died. Stories about heroes are inspiring, and people like that do exist, but I think it is at least as inspiring when more ordinary people do heroic things, because it gives more hope that humanity can move forward, when it does not depend on only the occasional hero. It encourages all of us to act for the good, and to try to improve our own characters.

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