Thursday, December 29, 2011

Internet slow

The internet has sure been slow the last few days. It's hard to get much done on this blog.



rjs said...

patricia, that doesnt make much sense, unless there's a problem with your area internet provider...

do you regularly delete temporary files?
have you done a system cleanup, like the one available free from ccleaner?
ccleaner also has an option to fix registers, which may get out of whack when there's a power outage or your system crashes

& if you havent done a disk defragmenter or similar maintenance in a year, that would be another idea...

here's vista instructions:
other defrag programs can be searched...

Patricia said...

Thanks. I defrag every few weeks, even though it is usually only 1 or 2% fragmented. That way I never have a really long defrag.

The last place I worked, they had ccleaner, and it does do a good job.

The reason I feel it is not necessarily my own laptop is that other people seemed to be having the same problem. It does seem to be noticeably improved today.

I know there are times when the internet is slowed down by a virus or worm, don't know whether that applies in this case.

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