Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Best of CBPP Graphs

This site shows several graphs showing various economic trends over the years.

Dec 29, 2011


#1: A look at which income group reap the benefits of most of the growth in recent years

#2: The international dimension to the inequality picture.

#3: Yes, it’s true-compared to others, the US is a low tax country.

#4: And those at the top of the wealth scale have seen a much reduced tax burden as a share of their income.

#6: Probably one of the most circulated of all this year, this one makes essential points about the actual sources of the growth in the budget deficit.

#9: You can’t emphasize this point enough: health care spending grows faster in the private than in the public sector.

#12: This one clearly shows just what a lost decade the 2000s have been for the middle class–it’s not just a Great Recession story–they were squeezed well before that. And note the stark contrast with the 1990s.


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