Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wall Street protests continue

People who watch TV tell me there is still almost no coverage of this protest. I have heard nothing about it on NPR news.


SEPTEMBER 24, 2011, 8:20 P.M. ET
80 people arrested at 'Occupy Wall Street' protest

NEW YORK — About 80 people have been arrested as demonstrators who were camped out near the New York Stock Exchange marched through lower Manhattan.

The "Occupy Wall Street" protest is entering its second week. Demonstrators said Saturday that they are protesting bank bailouts, the mortgage crisis and Georgia's execution of Troy Davis.

At Manhattan's Union Square, police tried to corral the demonstrators using orange plastic netting. Some of the arrests were filmed and activists posted the videos online.

Police say the arrests were mostly for blocking traffic. Charges include disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. But one demonstrator was charged with assaulting a police officer. Police say the officer involved suffered a shoulder injury.

Protest spokesman Patrick Bruner criticized the police response as "exceedingly violent" and said the protesters sought to remain peaceful.


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