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Blackout: CNN, Fox, and MSNBC Ignore US Day Of Rage Protesters

9:31pm it's on-line at CBS
"about 1,000 people"

9:05pm It's on CNN on-line news

9:00 pm This is being reported at

I have seen unconfirmed (so far) reports that reports of this are being censored on twitter. I saw a comment on Facebook from a person living in New York City who is seeing this and asking if anyone has any info. People have been remarking for awhile that it is surprising that the US has not been having protests. I have said I felt that we would have if it weren't for extended unemployment benefits and baby boomers becoming eligible for early (and now not early) social security. Since we have seen so little reporting of the tent cities, I have wondered privately if there might have been demonstrations that had not been reported, but didn't want to be paranoid. Now I wonder if that has happened.

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By Jason Easley
September 17, 2011

Most Americans are being kept in the dark about the US Day of Rage by the corporate cable news giants at CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC who have imposed a de facto blackout on the protest.

Even though an estimated 50,000 protesters have flooded into Manhattan to, “nonviolently disrupt the disloyal, incompetent, and corrupt special interests which have usurped our nation’s civil and military power, spawning a host of threats to our liberty, lives and national security,” the three cable news networks have devoted no airtime to the story.

This is becoming an all too familiar scene. In Wisconsin hundreds of thousands of regular people took to the streets each weekend to protest the theft of their rights, and were completely ignored by CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC.

Sarah Palin’s Iowa tea party speech was 1/50 as big as the Wisconsin protests, yet she was deemed worthy of national media coverage.



link to Youtube video of this

link to info on protest

link to TheBlaze report


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