Sunday, August 14, 2011

"Naked" Jennifer Aniston Helps Out Haiti

By Kiri Blakeley

Actor Ben Stiller has figured out what many of us at Forbes have known for months—if you put the words “Jennifer Aniston” and “naked” together, you are going to get attention. Lots of attention.

Stiller, who's started a foundation that will help fund schools in impoverished nations like Haiti, came up a brilliant parody video to promote his cause. In the video, he tries to decide what to call his foundation. “Ben Schooler”? “Touched by a Ben-Gel"?

But Stiller is no dummy. He knows he needs to really grab people. So he decides to call his charity "The Jennifer Aniston Foundation” with the URL of the charity being Sorry, fellas (and ladies), the URL brings you to Stiller’s charity’s Facebook page. (Can’t believe that URL wasn’t already taken!)

Stiller is obviously already aware of the “Jennifer Naked Effect,” wherein if you insinuate in any way, shape, or form, that you might get to see Jennifer Aniston naked, thousands of people will instantly click. At Forbes, we’re quite familiar with this effect, and have put it to good use several times over the past few months.



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