Thursday, April 15, 2010

Good News for Unemployed - Unemployment Extension Passes Senate

I'm happy about this for my friends and relatives who have been out of work for a long time. They would rather have a job, but those are hard to come by now

First Posted: 04-15-10 06:20 PM | Updated: 04-15-10 06:47 PM

The Senate on Thursday [today 04-15-10] reauthorized jobless aid programs which had lapsed after an epic congressional delay that jeopardized emergency unemployment benefits for hundreds of thousands of people. Republicans Olympia Snowe (R-Maine), Susan Collins (R-Maine) and George Voinovich (R-Ohio) joined Democrats to break a GOP filibuster.

The bill extends through the end of May eligibility for Emergency Unemployment Compensation, subsidized COBRA health insurance for laid-off workers, and also the National Flood Insurance Program and increased Medicare reimbursement rates for doctors.


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