Friday, March 19, 2010

Older Non-Smokers Gain Most from Tobacco Ban

ScienceDaily (Mar. 16, 2010) — Older people who have never smoked benefit most from smoking bans, a study suggests.

A study in New Zealand showed that, three years after a smoking ban on all workplaces was introduced, hospital admissions for heart attacks among men and women aged 55-74 fell by 9 per cent. This figure rose to 13 per cent for 55-74 year olds who had never smoked. [In other words, heart attacks fell by 13% for the latter group.]

Overall, the research showed heart attacks among people aged 30 and over fell by an average of 5 per cent in the three years following the ban.

The study, involving scientists from the University of Edinburgh, examined trends in acute heart attacks following a change in legislation. The ruling, which updates a previous law in which smoking was outlawed in some public places, makes smoking illegal in all workplaces including bars and restaurants.

Researchers also found that heart attacks were reduced for ex-smokers of all ages, and that there was a greater decrease in hospital admissions for men compared with women.

In addition, the study found that people in more affluent neighbourhoods benefited more from the ban than those in poorer areas. This may be because they visit cafes and restaurants more often or because they are more likely to use the smoking ban as an incentive to quit.

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Being the child of smokers, I don't know how the heart attack risk applies to me, but I do know that my health has been greatly improved by the largee reduction in the number of asthma attacks I have had since non-smoking bans were implement



Anonymous said...

A recent study revealed that there is no relationship between the reduction of heart attacks and smoking bans

Patricia said...

It appears that you are a representative of the tobacco industry. Or else a smoker who wants to find reasons not to quit. I notice you did not give a link to a scientific reference for your claim, which is contradicted by scientific studies I have seen and referenced in my blog. I have had relatives killed by tobacco. If you are a smoker and haven't been able to quit, I sympathize. But that doesn't mean you have the right to kill other people.

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