Thursday, August 13, 2009

Music Business

I went to Lena's Place Coffeehouse Sat. It was a great show, as would be expected by the lineup. The room was full. Steve Cullen sang the great song he wrote "Love is Coming Your Way". It's very catchy, and I've heard it from several other performers. He said he tried to get publishers in Nashville interested, but didn't get anywhere. A perfect example of why radio and the music industry are declining. They're run by a bunch of idiots. Actually, it's too kind to call them idiots. Doofuses would be more correct. If this song gets on the air, it's bound to be a hit. I hope Steve will put it up on the Internet where people can buy downloads. Maybe he fears that it will end up being stolen thru free downloads that jerks will put up once it's available.

There is a video of Steve performing his song "I Wonder Why I Let Her Go" at

Some other good songwriters from Lena's Place:

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