Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tips for raising generous children

This verifies why I have always disagreed with the adage about doing good in secret. We are all role models for each other, especially for children. (Of course, I don't think we should refrain from doing good unless someone knows about it.)

Posted on Tuesday, May 19, 2009
By Frank Greve | McClatchy Newspapers

If parents want to raise generous children, what works? Years of looking into which youth experiences best predict giving by adults offer some clues.

Independent Sector, a group of major nonprofit organizations, found the activities below the most closely linked to adult generosity. They're in only rough rank order because respondents could name multiple activities.

* Seeing an admired person who isn't a family member help others.

* Seeing a family member help others.

* Doing volunteer work.

* Raising money door to door.

* Being active in student government.

* Belonging to a youth group, such as the Boy Scouts.

* Being active in a religious organization.

* Being helped by others.

The biggest deterrent to generosity: not seeing a family member help others.

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