Saturday, May 30, 2009

Regular Light Bulbs Made Super-Efficient with Ultra-Fast Laser

That would be great. I bought some fluorescents, but I'm worried about disposing of them when they wear out, because of the mercury.

May 29, 2009
An ultra-powerful laser can turn regular incandescent light bulbs into power-sippers, say optics researchers at the University of Rochester. The process could make a light as bright as a 100-watt bulb consume less electricity than a 60-watt bulb while remaining far cheaper and radiating a more pleasant light than a fluorescent bulb can.

The laser process creates a unique array of nano- and micro-scale structures on the surface of a regular tungsten filament—the tiny wire inside a light bulb—and theses structures make the tungsten become far more effective at radiating light.

The findings will be published in an upcoming issue of the journal Physical Review Letters.

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