Friday, April 18, 2008

My feet were sore and my back was hurting one day, so as those musically inclined often do, I made up a little ditty on the spot, which turned out to be the first line of the song below. I wasn't planning on writing a whole song at that point, just playing around. Well, it started growing.

I did substitute teaching in several schools in poor neighborhoods in the early 1990's, and I told the students it was important for them to get an education.

One time at a middle school, I put some facts on the board about the average incomes of people who hadn't finished high school, those who had, and those who got a college degree.
They asked me why I was telling them that.
The boys didn't think they needed to study, because they were sure they were going to be rich, famous music or sports stars.
The girls were all sure they would get married to a man who supported them.
I asked them if they knew any women who had done that.
There was silence for several moments, then one of the girls finally said "my grandmother".

Being positive and optimistic is not enough, no matter how many people get rich by telling other people they can get rich by being positive and optimistic! The way to get rich is to write a book telling people that everybody can be rich and happy just by believing it.

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