Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hunger Walk song music

I finally got an mp3 of Hunger Walk song made, so people can hear how to sing it.
The lyrics were posted at, and they had asked my to send an mp3, so people would know how to sing it.
Since has been shut down and replaced by
which is the United Nations World Food Program, I opened a myspace page and put it there.

This recording is not something you would listen to for enjoyment, but it does let people know how to sing it. If I had been paying for it instead of using a coupon, I would have sung it in a lower key than is in the hymnbook. It still wouldn't have sounded like a professional singer, but it would have been better. Well, you get what you pay for, in general. Eventually I'll put some songs up that were recorded by professionals.

It is freely available for the support of programs to help the needy on a non-sectarian basis.
Ie., a religious group may use it, but the help must be given on a non-sectarian basis.
I hope it might be used by church choirs, groups performing at a hunger walk event, people performing at a concert or open mic, etc.

Go to

(and no, the lady at is not me.)

If you've seen the words posted here, you might notice that I made a slight change to make it more singable ("community food banks" --> "that our food banks")

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