Friday, July 13, 2007

Republicans favorite things

I got this off the comments at

Sung to “My Favorite Thing”s:

Two-timing Gingrich,
And page-blower Foley
The cream of the party,
Which claims to be holy,

Big paper bundles
Of cash for Cheney

These are a few of my fave GOPs.

Hookers for Vitter,
A black servant for Strom
A cop for Bob Allen
To go down upon.
Six spouses for Rudy and his current Ms.

This is what’s called family values a-miss.

When Ted Haggard,
Gets his massage,
When a lawyer’s shot,
The GOP will cover up all these things
As the nation just goooooooes to pot!

Posted by wadyaknow at 03:33 PM : Jul 12, 2007

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