Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bills pile up when uninsured eligible for Medicare;_ylt=AmQOqofvd_do.JeGUMneTyc_cbYF

Americans who previously had no health insurance rack up some expensive medical bills once they are old enough to be covered by Medicare, researchers said

"The implication is that expanding (Medicare) coverage to uninsured near-elderly adults may not cost as much as previously thought,"

The American College of Physicians has endorsed the idea of allowing insured adults to purchase Medicare coverage before age 65.

I'm a perfect example. I'm saving up to pay for a cataract operation on one eye, which has been legally blind for more than a year. I can still see well enough to work and drive with the other eye, but I can see a deterioration in the vision of my good eye. I expect to put off having a cataract operation on my better eye until I am eligible for Medicare.

And of course, some problems are much more expensive when treatment is put off.

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