Thursday, June 14, 2007

deja vu all over again

The Bush administration is trying to roll back a Supreme Court decision by pushing legislation that would require prison time for nearly all criminals.

In a speech June 1 to announce the bill, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales urged Congress to re-impose mandatory minimum prison sentences against federal convicts — and not let judges consider such penalties “merely a suggestion.”

One minute,a judge ordered him released from prison , saying the young man's 10-year sentence for consensual sex between teens was a "grave miscarriage of justice." Ninety minutes later, Georgia's attorney general said Wilson wasn't going anywhere — the state had appealed.

When the people in the Bush administration are out of their jobs, they can come to Georgia. They'll fit right in. Two or three days after a man was released after spending more than 18/20? years in prison for a crime he didn't commit, an idiot Republican Georgian legislator introduced a bill to reduce the number of jurors needed to impose the death sentence.
A few days ago, a judge ordered Genarlow Wilson released from prison, where he was serving a 10 year sentence for having consensual sex when he was 17 with a 15 year-old girl. Neither she nor her parents wanted Wilson charged. The law he was sentenced under has since been changed, reducing the matter to a misdemeanor (still riduculous) instead of a felony, but it was not made retroactive.
So now the Bush administration wants to impose mandatory minimums at the federal level. What timing!

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