Friday, April 28, 2006

U.S. Flag

Last year when I was working at a booth at the County Fair, we were giving out small U.S. flags to those who wanted them. One lady said she would have liked one, but she avoided getting flags because she was worried about what to do with them when they were worn out! It is pitiful that the right-wing has people so scared that they are afraid to fly the flag for such a reason!
I used to get tears in my eyes over the flag, but the right-wing extremists have spoiled it for me, making the flag more into a symbol of their mean hatefulness than what it should be, a symbol of my beloved country. To seek to put people in prison because they mistreat the flag is immature. It just gives the protestors attention, which is what they want. Just ignore them. What actual harm are they doing to our country, other than a little air pollution, which is nothing compare to our cars. My pets know the difference between a picture of a steak and the actual thing. It seems that the extreme right-wingers don't.

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