Friday, April 28, 2006

Atlanta Driving

Atlanta Driving
copyright Patricia M. Shannon 2000
(all of this is true)

Driving on Atlanta's highways
can make me feel I've gone to hell.
Well, the reason is not hard to tell you,
pollution's killed off their brain cells.

When I'm driving the speed limit
the car behind me will pass and pull in front;
right away he'll start to slow down,
because to turn is what he wants.

But when I signal, then I slow down,
because a turn I want to take,
if he's behind me, he will hold his horn down,
he thinks the world is only made for his own sake.


For many miles I've been in a straight-ahead lane,
with many miles before I get to my next turn,
when suddenly this lane is now an exit,
with no warning that I could discern!

When I exit from the freeway,
the lane I choose has a stright arrow on the road,
but when I get down to the intersection,
this lane will only turn the way that I don't want to go.

I really can't believe it costs all than much to paint a bent arrow than a stright one.


When my road, merging with another,
puts me in the left lane where I don't want to be,
the car behind will tail-gate 'til a space comes,
then cut me off so he can get in front of me.

And yes, I had my turn signal on.

When I wait for a pedestrian,
or stop for a traffic light that's just turned red,
the car behind will start to honking,
are these people really so imbred?


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