Friday, May 19, 2017

Scam alert: Do not answer calls or texts from these area codes

People are getting very rich from these scams. According to some, like Robert Mercer & Donald Trump, it indicates that they are superior people.

The following link to the article contains a list of area codes to beware of, and a link to a bigger list.

If you receive a call or text message on your cell phone from an unfamiliar area code, proceed with caution! reports that the “one ring scam” has told you about over the years has resurfaced once again — and it’s coming after your money.


Consumers face no danger by receiving the message, but calling or texting back can be quite costly.

Although the area codes may look domestic, they’re international calls to premium phone numbers, which are like 900 numbers. Victims have been hit with an international call fee, plus an expensive per-minute charge.

Sometimes the scammers will reportedly play hold music or ads in an attempt to keep victims on the line.


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