Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Informative links

Trump's disclosure endangered spy placed inside ISIS by Israel, officials say

Workers say Wal-Mart discriminated against thousands of pregnant women

Tips on fighting fake news from the people who debunk it for a living

Americans Support Impeaching Donald Trump More Than They Oppose It, Poll Finds

Prison Stocks Soar Under Trump As Jeff Sessions Okays Private Jails

Vice-president Henry Wallace predicted a president like Trump 73 years ago
I have been expecting the election of someone like Trump because of the downsliding of working people

GOP Congressman Frelinghuysen Targets Activist in Letter to Her Employer

Slow-Freezing Alaska Soil Driving Surge in CO2 Emissions

Warm Arctic Fuels Second-Warmest April globally on Record

Warmer Temperatures Drying the Rio Grande

U.S. had 2nd wettest, 11th warmest April on record

38,000 people a year die early because of diesel emissions testing failures

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