Thursday, May 11, 2017

Informative links

Chicago Mayor Recoups Climate Change Data Deleted From EPA Website

Low pay, high SF housing costs equal 1 homeless math teacher

Comey infuriated Trump with refusal to preview Senate testimony: aides

Medication slashes crash risk for drivers with ADHD, study finds

Common painkillers linked to increased risk of heart attack, study says

It’s not all the airlines’ fault. Sometimes it’s the Ugly American traveler.

There are better ways than suspension to discipline kids. Here are two schools doing just that.

The republicans don't want an accurate census, they want to be able to increasingly draw voting district lines in such a way as to thwart democracy and ensure that they get elected even if they don't get a majority.
US Census Bureau director abruptly resigns

No, Stephen Colbert is not being investigated by the FCC for his Trump joke

All of Trump’s campaign statements just vanished from his website.

Donald Trump Is Radicalizing America's Court System Before Our Very Eyes

10-Year-Old Florida Girl Pries Leg From Alligator’s Mouth

'Baby Dragon' Found In China Is The Newest Species Of Dinosaur

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