Tuesday, August 02, 2016

What happens when parents comment on their daughter's weight?


Public Release: 7-Jun-2016
What happens when parents comment on their daughter's weight?
Even slim women are more likely to have poor body image if their parents commented on their weight in youth
Cornell Food & Brand Lab

The less you comment on your daughter's weight, the less likely she is to be dissatisfied with her weight as an adult according to a new study from the Cornell Food and Brand Lab.

The findings published in Eating & Weight Disorders show that women who recall their parents commenting on their weight are more prone to being overweight and are less satisfied with their weight as adults. "Commenting on a woman's weight is never a good idea, even when they are young girls," says lead author Brian Wansink, PhD, and author of Slim by Design: Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life.


These findings suggest that commenting about girls' weight can have a negative impact later in life. "If you're worried about your child's weight, avoid criticizing them or restricting food. Instead, nudge healthy choices and behaviors by giving them freedom to choose for themselves and by making the healthier choices more appealing and convenient," recommends lead author Brian Wansink "After all, it's the choices that children make for themselves that will lead to lifelong habits."

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