Thursday, August 18, 2016

A Man Who Says God Punishes Gays with Natural Disasters Had His Home Destroyed in the Flood

By Jack Holmes
AUG 18, 2016

Tony Perkins, who has made a career railing against LGBT people—including saying that God sends natural disasters to punish them—just had his house destroyed by a natural disaster.

Perkins is president of the Family Research Council, which the Southern Poverty Law Center classifies as an anti-gay extremist hate group. Tony Perkins also lives in Louisiana, where there's been massive flooding this week that has killed 13 people and destroyed thousands of homes—including Tony Perkins'.


in a 2015 interview, he agreed with extremist Messianic Jewish pastor Jonathan Cahn that Hurricane Joaquin was a "sign of God's wrath" over the legalization of gay marriage and abortion, saying: "God is trying to send us a message."

Was God trying to "send" Tony Perkins a message this week? Or was He trying to "send" Ted Cruz a message, who appointed Perkins to his failed presidential campaign's "advisory council for religious liberty?"

Or was He trying to "send" the Republican National Committee a message? After all, they allowed Perkins to play a decisive role in crafting the Republican Party platform last month, including a fun little provision that advocated for sending LGBT people to gay conversion therapy—a thoroughly debunked and possibly destructive method of "treatment."

Or is Perkins just a normal person, like LGBT people, who now has to overcome adversity?

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