Sunday, October 01, 2023

Tax-Aide needs volunteers

 Tax-Aide scope of service sometimes changes, so if you previously were not able to have them do your taxes, it is possible they may be able to do them now.


 Tax-Aide needs volunteers! It provides free tax preparation, and it is very personally rewarding to be able to help people. Tax-Aide provides training. They are starting up their training now, sending out training materials. You do not need to be a certain age for us to do your taxes.


Now more than ever, older adults living on a limited income need help getting tax breaks. As a Tax-Aide volunteer, you can help your neighbors in need get money back, making a big difference in a short amount of time.

These days, more people can’t afford to pay for professional tax preparation — and often miss out on much-needed tax breaks and refunds. Since 1968, Tax-Aide has helped over 75 million taxpayers with low to moderate income file their returns.

You don’t have to be a tax pro to volunteer with us — there are many ways to get involved and connect with people in your community. Best of all, giving back with your new friends at Tax-Aide is rewarding and the camaraderie and support makes volunteering fun.

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