Thursday, March 30, 2023

More people means less power for workers


This is why the super rich power elite want people to have more children. If there are more people than jobs, workers have to take whatever they get.

  Gigs, scams, ghost work: India tech sector's dark side

Sumit Khanna,Rina Chandran
Published: March 21, 2023

With few jobs, India's youth are turning to the gig economy, scam call centres and AI microwork for low wages and few protections

  • India poised to be most populous country in April
  • Lack of jobs [for the number of people] pushing youth into gig work, scam call centres
  • Low-paid work, erosion of labour rights the norm


India is poised to become the world's most populous country in April, overtaking China with more than 1.43 billion people, according to estimates by the United Nations.

It also has among the youngest populations, with more than 40% under 25 years. Yet the pace of economic growth is not enough to accommodate some 12 million people joining the workforce each year.

So educated youth - once touted as a demographic dividend - are forced to turn to the gig economy delivering food and groceries, to scam call centres, online microwork, and other low-paid jobs, analysts say.


India is one of the largest and fastest-growing markets for the so-called gig economy, with nearly 8 million workers in 2020-21, and forecast to expand to 24 million workers by 2029-30, according to government think-tank Niti Aayog.

But workers earn low wages and have few protections.

"The government, the industry and employers pitch gig work as the future of work, glorifying it as something that is desirable," said Rikta Krishnaswamy, a coordinator at the All India Gig Workers' Union.

"But what we are really seeing is an erosion of hard-won labour rights. With increased digitisation, gig work is only going to get bigger and worse - especially with data annotation and labelling for AI."


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