Monday, August 15, 2022

Exercise answer: Research shows it’s how often you do it, not how much


 News Release 14-Aug-2022
We all know exercise is important, but is it better to do a little every day, or a lot a few times a week? New Edith Cowan University research indicates one is far more beneficial than the other.
Peer-Reviewed Publication
Edith Cowan University


This latest research indicates a little bit of daily activity could well be the most beneficial approach, at least for muscle strength.

And happily, it also suggests you don’t have to put in a mountain of work every day.


 An eccentric contraction is when the muscle is lengthening; in this case, like lowering a heavy dumbbell in a bicep curl.

Two groups performed 30 contractions per week, with one group doing six contractions a day for five days a week (6x5 group), while the other crammed all 30 into a single day, once a week (30x1 group).

Another group only performed six contractions one day a week.

After four weeks, the group doing 30 contractions in a single day did not show any increase in muscle strength, although muscle thickness (an indicator of increase in muscle size) increased 5.8 per cent.

The group doing six contractions once a week did not show any changes in muscle strength and muscle thickness.

However, the 6x5 group saw significant increases in muscle strength - more than 10 per cent - with an increase in muscle thickness similar to the 30x1 group. 


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