Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Republicans vent over surprise Trump move on COVID-19 relief

Given Trump's past actions, I have to wonder if he is doing things like this as revenge on our country for not re-electing him.  It's certainly consistent with his tendency to stab allies in the back.


By Juliegrace Brufke - 12/23/20 04:38 PM EST

House Republicans vented during a conference call held Wednesday over President Trump’s threat to veto the sweeping coronavirus relief and omnibus spending package, which could potentially tee up an end-of-the-year government shutdown.

Trump in a video post to Twitter on Tuesday complained that the $600 direct payments included in the bill were too small, and called for them to be $2,000.

Democrats, who have backed larger payments, are seeking to turn that against the GOP with a unanimous consent request on Thursday to agree to stand-alone legislation that would make the checks $2,000. 


The president is set to travel to his Mar-a-Lago resort on Wednesday. If he does not sign the new legislation, the government would shut down on Dec. 29 without other action by Congress.


The lawmaker noted that some of the provisions Trump railed against were included in his own budget request.

"I've been with the president at about every turn, you know, tried to stand with him, tried to support him, and here he is now bitching about the stuff he asked us to put in the bill. It's just not helpful when we're being divided and here we are being divided by him," the lawmaker told The Hill.

"The Defense bill, the veto, everything — I mean, if he wants us to all vote with him on the sixth you'd think he'd be trying to pull us together. It makes it harder for anybody that was maybe feeling charitable towards him – it pisses off anybody who cares about Defense, you know this stuff pisses off appropriators, it just makes it harder for us to come together and kumbaya to support him later," the member added.


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