Friday, May 11, 2018

Climate disruption

No reason to fear that aliens might attack our world. republicans are doing it already.

Trump Administration Cancels NASA Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Program

Hurricane season may be even worse in 2018 after a harrowing 2017

Costa Rica's new president took the oath of office Tuesday, vowing to turn his country into a global example of how to abolish fossil fuels and convert to clean energy sources.
[Costa Rica is a country in Central America, not to be confused with the the island Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory.]

Insurer to Invest in Coastal Wetlands to Mitigate Storm Damages

Booming tourism emits 8 percent of greenhouse gases, study shows

Pentagon revised Obama-era report to remove references to risks from climate change
While military leaders have said they see a changing climate as a driver of instability worldwide, they have also sought to stay out of a politically charged debate about its causes.

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