Thursday, November 30, 2017


‘Art of the Deal’ co-author: Trump ‘losing his grip on reality’

Program for offenders with mental health or addiction issues produces positive results

Study shows lower lung cancer rates in communities with strong smoke-free laws

Low vitamin D levels at birth linked to higher autism risk
[Note that too much vitamin D is also harmful]

Preventing psoriasis with vanillin

Osteoarthritis patients who received a steroid injection in the hip had a significantly greater incidence of bone death and collapse compared with control groups

UNM researcher finds stress during pregnancy affects the size of the baby

Synthetic cannabis-like drug reduces sleep apnea

Vomiting Syndrome on the Rise in Heavy Pot Smokers

Living in a 'war zone' linked to delivery of low birthweight babies

Marriage may help stave off dementia

2017 U.S. Hurricane Damage Estimate of $206.6 Billion: Highest on Record

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