Wednesday, February 01, 2017

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Still working on Tax-Aide

Some links you might find informative:

The republicans have been massively blocking President Obama's judicial appointments so that they would remain vacant until they had a republican president. This will harm our country and world for many decades. The supreme court does not have time to consider more than a small number of appeals. The vast majority are decided by lower courts, whose judges are hold lifetime appointments.

This is one of the ways republicans blocked President Obamas efforts.

Which is worse, that we have a president that doesn't see this, or that we have a president who is trying to get us attacked so he has an excuse to gain more power to himself?
please also address the myth that scientists get paid by publishers. I was part of a Facebook conversation where people were shocked when I told them that scientists don't get paid when their papers are published by a journal. It is just another problem with non expert audiences being so removed from academic life. They just don't know so they fall for misinformation

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