Saturday, January 02, 2016

Italy confirms higher cancer, death rates from mob dumping

Republicans and libertarians will be happy the government didn't interfere with these business men's hard work to make a profit. [Satire]

Jan. 2, 2016

An Italian parliament-mandated health survey has confirmed higher-than-normal incidents of death and cancer among residents in and around Naples, thanks to decades of toxic waste dumping by the local Camorra mob.

The report by the National Institute of Health said it was "critical" to address the rates of babies in the provinces of Naples and Caserta who are being hospitalized in the first year of life for "excessive" instances of tumors, especially brain tumors.

The report, which updated an initial one in 2014, blamed the higher-than-expected rates on "ascertained or suspected exposure to a combination of environmental contaminants that can be emitted or released from illegal dump hazardous waste sites or the uncontrolled burning of both urban and hazardous waste."


Authorities say the contamination is due to the Camorra's multibillion-dollar racket in disposing of toxic waste, mainly from industries in Italy's wealthy north that ask no questions about where the garbage goes as long as it's taken off their hands — for a fraction of the cost of legal disposal. In recent years, Camorra turncoats have revealed how the racket works, directing police to specific sites where toxic garbage was dumped.


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