Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Fresh and healthy on food banks’ wish lists

Adrian Rogers
Dec. 9, 2014


“Food insecurity” is linked to high rates of preventable diseases – obesity, hypertension, type 2 diabetes – and the organization is among hunger-relief groups working to offer nutritious options that can help stave them off.

It’s food-drive season, when seasonal demand ramps up at pantries and hunger-relief organizations put out a call to drum up donations. Specifically, they’re asking for “the most nutritious nonperishable food items possible,” said Melissa Cloninger, director of donor relations at Second Harvest, which provides food to 250 neighborhood food banks and meal centers in Eastern Washington and North Idaho.

In other words, not ramen noodles.

Instead, Cloninger said, the hunger-relief network encourages food-drive organizers to solicit whole-grain cereal that’s high in protein, canned meat and fish, peanut butter, hearty canned soups and stews, and beans.

One hunger-relief organization calls them “superfoods” – inexpensive, simple and nutrient-dense foods that can ward off chronic diseases linked to poor nutrition.


Homeless clients need food with pop-top lids.


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