Monday, September 09, 2013

What was said

I am not a fan of George Zimmerman, but I am also hate lies.
Many sensationalistic statements are made about various topics, including this, that sound unlikely to me. When I check them out, I usually find that they are not really true, but there is no changing people's beliefs in them.

I read the transcript of the 911 call, and listened to the tape, and Shellie DID NOT say that Zimmerman tried to get her to come closer. Just the opposite. She said he warned her NOT to come closer.

But I know that people will continue to cling to the lie about this. And they will continue to believe without reservation anything that gets put out that agrees with their preconceived ideas, not matter how unlikely.

"When Shellie Zimmerman trails off the dispatcher asks "step closer and what?" to which Shellie responds "a Step closer and he'd shoot us.""
In other words, he is telling her NOT to step closer.

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