Monday, December 24, 2012

Owner of Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods Gives His Company To His 209 Employees

This falls under one of those beautiful stories that you love to hear about. I’ve heard stories like this before but I missed this one a couple of years ago. Maybe you’ve seen Bob’s Red Mill at the health aisle at your local grocery store; they produce over 400 whole grain products at their mill that sits on over 17 acres just 15 minutes outside of Portland, Oregon. Most of the time – a person who builds a business decides to sell it to the highest bidder and instead he’s handing it over to his employees over time. What I found interesting and uplifting was how his religious views and Christianity informed his decision to do this.

ABC shares on that HERE:

If making Americans healthier is his passion, encouraging good business practices and entrepreneurship is his mandate.

“There’s a lot of negative stuff going into business today,” he said. “It’s a good old basic Bible lesson — love of money is the root of all evil. And unfortunately, our entire philosophy today is get all the money you can and whatever way you can. It’s caused many corporations to bite off more than they can chew. And it causes people to do a lot of things just for money that they feel in their hearts is not the right thing to do.”

With his own company, Moore has tried to do just the opposite. In a refreshing twist to the typical tenets of corporate America, Moore thinks of his employees and customers first and foremost.


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