Thursday, September 30, 2010

Still Think The Market Is Not Rigged?

Posted by Ags Nightmare
If this article doesn't royally piss you off, you are not breathing. This confirms some of the crap I wrote about in The Fed Will Save Us. Only it's more in your face than I thought.

(Reuters) - To the outside world, the Federal Reserve is an impenetrable fortress. But former employees and big investors are privy to some of its secrets -- and that access can be lucrative.

On August 19, just nine days after the U.S. central bank surprised financial markets by deciding to buy more bonds to support a flagging economy, former Fed governor Larry Meyer sent a note to clients of his consulting firm with a breakdown of the policy-setting meeting.

The minutes from that same gathering of the powerful Federal Open Market Committee, or FOMC, are made available to the public -- but only after a three-week lag. So Meyer's clients were provided with a glimpse into what the Fed was thinking well ahead of other investors.

But critics question whether it is proper for Fed officials to parcel out details that have the potential to move markets around the world, especially with the government's involvement in the economy being so pronounced.

"It's certainly not what Fed officials should be doing," said Alice Rivlin, a former Fed governor and now a fellow at the Brookings Institute think tank. "The rules when I was there were you don't talk to anybody about anything that could be used for commercial purposes."


Worse yet, Clarance Beeks sold the news for $ 75,000 dollars to the Dukes. Sure it is perfectly legal right? What in the hell is going on? Holy sheet.

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